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    Best Offer TODAY Will Take The Lot!

    Looking to get rid of this lot today. Looking for paypal. Please make me offers, best offer will take it TODAY, as I must get paypal today. Thank you.

    Clyde Drexler SP Buyback Auto-NO BV
    LaDainian Tomlinson RC jersey /400-$60 BV
    Josh Smith SPx auto/jersey /1999-$50 BV
    Quad Bat Helton/B Giles/S Green/P Wilson-$25 BV
    Willie McGinist SP Auto-$25 BV
    John LeClair gu stick-$25 BV
    Kevin Garnett Legendary jersey-$25 BV
    Randy Moss Skybox RC-$25 BV
    Kerry Wood SP Auto RC-$20 BV
    Kobe Bryant SPx RC-$20 BV
    Peyton Manning Arora RC-$20 BV
    Alex Rodriguez SP jersey-$15 BV
    Gary Sheffield gu bat-$15 BV
    Willie Stargell gu bat-$15 BV
    Randy Moss Authentix jersey-$15 BV
    Darius Miles Fleer RC jersey-$12 BV
    Vernon Wells gu bat-$10 BV
    Jeff Kent SP jersey-$10 BV
    Marcus Trufant SAGE Auto RC-$10 BV
    Miguel Tejada UD jersey-$10 BV
    Mike Miller Warm-Up-$10 BV
    Shaun King SAGE Auto RC-$9 BV
    Brian Boucher SP jersey-$8 BV
    Erick Barkley SPx auto/jersey /2500-$6 BV
    Matt Harpring SP Auto RC-$6 BV

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    ill give 13 bucks but. dont have paypal.if like u said best offertakes it

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    I was just messing around SMkoking, since you did state that the best offer at the end of today will take the lot I figured i'd make an offer, a ridiculous one but definitley a possible winner if no one else tops it.

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    Well then state the offer so we know what we have to top...

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    Or at least be more specific in what your looking for instead of best offer takes today.

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