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Thread: WTTF: Shaq #ed and Rare Cards

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    WTTF: Shaq #ed and Rare Cards

    Looking for #ed cards and rare inserts of Shaq.Only trading at the moment.List what you have and what you would look for in trade.Thanks

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    I have the upper deck rookie that books for $40.00. Let me know if your interested in it.

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    sorry nevermind. I dont see anything that i would be intrested in trading for anyway.

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    I have one,Thanks anyway.What kinda value you putting on this in cards..??
    I have the 1992 Dream Team Starting Lineup Figures that have never been opened. Looking to trade or sell.

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    Ya my bucket is out of date.I'm plannin on Updating when I buy some more stuff.I have alot of cards not pictured.LMK who you collect and I'll list what I have.

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    I don't know the BV. It's not banged up at all. I'll check your site.

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