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    Some really great posts so far! Let's keep them coming!

    My bucket:

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    my goal is like almost



    and BUY MANY CASES OF...

    heres my bucket

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    Happy Holidays to all the great people in this hobby we do.

    My Favorite pickup of 2016 was out of 2016 Donruss Elite being a Dan Marino jersey card out of 100. Just a really nice card.

    Hobby goal for 2017.. I would say try to pickup some Marino autos has i have close to 900 marino cards i still dont have a auto of his. Sad lol

    Someone who made a difference to you this year in the hobby?

    I would say a local card shop owner from Tulsa,Okla i used to live there in vist the card shop all the time. Now since i live in Texas he still picks up Marino cards for me and saves them when i go vist my family up there. He his just a good guy and a great buddy as well.
    Hidden Content Hidden Content <My Dan Marino PC & Stuff i have for trade.
    Always looking for DAN MARINO cards i dont have. Lets make some trades.

    Over 869 Marino cards and counting.

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    Hopefully this one doesn't sound too lame.
    The person I owe the most to is my little nefew. I am a hockey fanatic, and he held on to 4 packs of 2015/16 us s2 for 2 weeks waiting for me to open them with him. I thought it was cute and played along. Man, I was blown away. I went out that afternoon to my LCS and bought a bunch of different packs from opc to ud to spa. I had to try out a few to see what I liked. Hooked ever since. Definitely my nefew had the biggest impact in my hobby collecting.

    It was just this year I started collecting. My wife was the one who opened the pack, busted a Dylan Larkin SPA FW limited patch!

    This year I'm looking to finish ud S1 and 2. As well, score a Laine YG, Laine FWA and Laine Canvas.

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    Picked up this bad boy in a group break, I was hyped about it.

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    My favourite pickup for the year was pulling a McDavid auto #/125 from a box of UD Ice
    My hobby goals for 2017 is gathering Leafs rookies from this years crop.
    The person who made a difference to me is Andrew, the owner of the LCS here. He is always stocked and has the latest releases on hand, does awesome breaks for new product releases. He makes busting wax possible for me.
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    Auston Matthews/Mitch Marner/William Nylander
    70's & 80's RC's of Stars from that era

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    My favorite pick-up for 2016 was not even for myself, but my brother..I was finally able to get him a Rickey Henderson autographed card..

    My goal for 2017 is to continue with my PC of Ozzie Smith and maybe get a 1/1 for my collection..

    my somebody that made a difference is not a somebody, but everybody here at SCF that has dealt with me in my quest for Ozzie Smith

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    More great shares everyone :)
    Galatians 2:20
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    Thanks for this different, but nice, contest.

    In regard to my "best" pick-up for 2016, very easy, there is none. ALL pick-ups are nice for my PC or will be good/great for trade bait. It's just nice to be able to meet and trade with a good variety of other traders, new ones and ones I've traded with several/many times.

    Concerning 2017:(1) I'd like to move/get rid of cards that I have that aren't part of my PC - (2)Continue to trade with those that I have already traded with, and with many that I haven't traded with yet - (3)I'd like to have everyone I contact, concerning cards, to REPLY, within a reasonable time, and not leave me hanging. Too many traders don't do that (reply as they should).

    In regard to someone making a major difference, I don't think there is any one person I could give that credit too. If it wasn't for taking my daughters to their first MLB game August 11,1991, and seeing Wilson Alvarez no-hit the "Birds', I probably wouldn't have got an interest in collecting baseball cards. Hopefully, someone or many will become interested in the ones that I'd really like to let go of and that I can get rid of them.

    I hope everyone here has a 2017 that will be better than the 2016 they had.

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    Thanks for the contest!

    Favorite pickup of 2016
    I traded for autographs of Mario Lemieux (favourite player of all time, maybe the best player ever), Peter Forsberg, Teemu Selanne, Dion Phaneuf, RCs of David Pastrnak and Dion Phaneuf and a rare jersey card of Alexander Mogilny. So that overshadows all the other trades of this year.

    Hobby goal for 2017
    maintain friendships through the hobby, make new friends, don’t let myself be provoked by trolls, downsize my collection (it is too large right now), get rid of all basketball cards (same old story …), make some bulk trades, buy only cards that I really want

    Someone who made a difference to you this year in the hobby
    I made some great new friends this year and maintained grown friendships. I don’t want to rank friends as they all mean much to me.
    I collect: Football (Priority), Hockey and Baseball

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