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    Year 2016: As I counted I've got 13 wish list cards which is a lot knowing how specific is my wish list. The best month of the year was December, no doubt about it, I got 3 beauties (you can see scans in my newest blog post):
    • 2001-02 BAP Memorabilia All-Star Numbers #ASN19 Sandis Ozolinsh /10
    • 2000-01 Titanium Game Gear Patches #102 Sergei Zholtok /200
    • 2016 Leaf In the Game Used Super Swatch Patch SSP-03 Arturs Irbe Blue Spectrum /2

    The year in ePack has been really great, some of the wish list cards came from there.

    The biggest disappointment was that I didn't get Gudlevskis autograph on my trading card because I forgot it at home, I just can't forgive to myself.

    I never had goals but as I got my first signed in person autograph from Girgensons I'll want more, I want them all.

    It's been a great year, thanks y'all who I've got traded with and I wish you the very best in upcoming year, cheers.

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    Alright everyone! Thanks for the submissions. I'll be putting everyone's name on and will announce the winner later tonight!

    Good luck to all and really great submissions by everyone. I can't wait to see everyone meet their goals this year!

    My bucket:

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    And eleven (11) days later, the winner is _____ ????????????

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    Sorry for not updating this. Our winner is R39!

    My bucket:

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    Thanks for your quick reply and contest. Congratulations R39.

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    look forward to the care pack and thank you again for the contest!

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