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    Selling my collection MUST GO: Jersey cards, auto, rookies, inserts, VERY CHEAP!!

    I am selling my collection because i am just not into collecting anymore. So i have dediced to put them up for sale. I will put all the cards below with their price, and if you want to buy alot i have no problem selling alot to you just tell me what ones you want and we'll go from there.

    Start off with My Jersey Cards

    Pacific 2002 Atomic David Boston-

    2002 upper deck Piece of History Kahlil Hill-

    2004 Fleer tailgate trios Donovan Mcnabb, Brain Westbrook, Terrel Owens 3 Peice Jersey card- $30 will go down to

    2004 Fleer draft rewind Terrel Owens-

    2004 Topps draft picks & Prospects Senior Bowl Jersey Micheal Jenkins-

    2004 sage hit Michael Jenkins-

    2001 private stock titanium Donovan Mcnabb-

    2001 donruss classics donovan mcanbb-

    2001 fleer prenium clothes to the game todd pinkston-

    2002 palyoff honors t.j. duckett has a bend bend in it so ill sell it for


    2004 sage hit Q&A will smith auto-

    2004 fleer authentic football brian westbrook auto-

    2004 sage hit dallas clark auto-

    These next few cards are the real deal autographs personally signed

    1999 fleer traditions bobby taylor auto- will go low cuz they guy i got it off of put his thumb on the auto part and got a little smeer on it

    2005 press pass Reggie Brown-

    1999 upper deck players ink terrell owens-


    1997 pinnacle the new breed marvin harrison-

    2000 fleer tradition throwbacks junior seau-

    2003 fleer seal of approval ricky williams-

    2000 fleer ultra head of the class shaun alexander

    2003 upper deck rookie premiers dewayne robertson-

    1999 fleer gen next torry holt-

    2001 upper deck center peice pros&prospects eddie george-

    2000 fleer skybox the bomb peyton manning-

    2003 topps own the game marvin harrison-

    2004 topps hobby masters donovan mcnabb-

    1999 collectors edge triumph jamal anderson-

    1999 fleer ultrad caught in the draft rookie david boston-

    2000 upperdeck mvp headliners michael westbrook-

    2001 upper deck stars truck terrel owens-

    1999 collectors edge triumph terrell owens-

    2002 upper deck mvp peice of history andy katzenmoyer

    2002 upper deck peice of history big game ricky walters-

    1999 collectors edge triumph rookie champ bailey-

    2000 fleer gamers shaun alexander-

    2002 mvp peice of history big game bruce smith-

    1999 topps 3000 yard club jake plummer-

    2000 upperdeck mvp headliners marcus robinson-

    2001 upper deck team mvp junior seau-

    2000 upperdeck mvp theatre corey dillon-

    2001 upper deck team mvp john lynch-

    2000 upperdeck mvp headliners james o. stewart-

    1999 collectors edge triumph dan marino-

    1999 collectors edge millennium collection triumph fred taylor-

    2002 score the franchise jimmy smith-

    2003 donruss leaf rookies starts slideshow donovan mcnabb-

    2001 topps own the game perfect spiral donovan mcnabb-

    2000 uppper deck mvp air show troy aikman

    1994 topps ring TSC leaders barry sanders-

    2000 topps own the game chris carter-


    2001 quantum leaf michael vick-

    1999 topps donovan mcnabb-

    1999 colectors edge triumph donovan mcnabb-

    1996 topps finest freshman terrell owens w/ protection seal coating-

    1999 pacific revolution donovan mcnabb-

    2004 topps ben rothlisberger-

    2001 score sph2more brian urlacher

    2002 score javon walker-

    2001 presspass travis minor-

    2002 topps edward reed-

    2000 upper deck mvp silver script tim rattay-

    2001 pacific prime prospects lamont jordan-

    2003 topps dewayne robertson-

    2000 pacific plaxico burress-

    2000 upper deck mvp deon grant-

    1996 classic- jermani mayberry-

    2003 topps chris brown-

    2003 upper deck honor roll kyle boller-

    2003 topps terence newman-

    2003 topps boss bailey-

    2004 topps julius jones-

    2000 upper deck mvp of larvanues coles, courtney brown, dez white, dennis northcut, and todd pinkston..All .50 each

    2004 topps todd pinkston

    2002 press pass brian westbrook-

    2001 topps reggie wayne

    2001 topps chris chambers-

    2000 upper deck mvp shaun alexander-

    2002 sage hit antonio bryant-

    2001 score freddie mitchell-

    2002 topps bowman sheldon brown-

    2002 score brian westbrook-

    1999 collectors edge jevon kearse-

    1996 classic zach thomas-

    2000 fleer jamal lewis-

    1996 classic tedy bruschi-

    1996 playoff prime mike alstott-

    2000 upper deck mvp brian urlacher-

    1995 classic warren sapp-

    2004 topps shawn andrews-

    2002 score lito shepard-

    2003 upperdeck mvp jerome mcdougle-

    2001 topps james jackson

    2001 topps travis minor

    2001 upperdeck derrick gibson

    1998 topps draft picks germone crowell

    2000 press pass j.r. redmond-

    1996 upper deck star rookie eddie george-
    2003 upper deck star rookies mike doss-

    1997 pinnacle press shawn springs-

    1996 donruss terrell ownes-

    1999 pacific david boston-

    1996 pro line andre johnson

    1996 playoff prime terry glenn

    1996 classic emimitt smith-

    2001 press pass todd heap-

    2002 andre davis-

    2000 upper deck mvp ron dayne-

    2000 fleer dez white-

    Other cards

    1997 pinnacle minted highlights john elway-

    1996 playoff illusions dan marino-

    2003 topps chrome drew brees-

    I have plenty of other regular cards so if you are a fan of anyone inpiticular just tell me and i probily got them, i kno for a fact that i got atleast 8 other mcnabbs...If you are interested in any of the above cards post here or you can private message me...

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    2001 quantum leaf michael vick- 10

    best price dlvd on this?

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    no i said whats the best deal.... because the bv is 12 im not paying 10....

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    I am interested in this:

    2004 Fleer draft rewind Terrel Owens-

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    2004 sage hit Q&A will smith auto-

    2004 fleer authentic football brian westbrook auto-

    what can u do?

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