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2004-05 Sweet Shot Jersey Kobe Bryant
2005-06 Sp Game-used dual kobe/odom dual jsy
2004-05 Genuine Jsy Allen Iverson /149
2005-06 Allen Iverson Finest Facts jsy /1699
2005-06 Linas Kleiza ref auto rc red
2005-06 Finest Shawn Marion Gold ref 2/39
2005-06 Antoine Wright Finest rc ref 2/89
2005-06 Shawn Marion red ref /169
2005-06 Topps 52 Style Hardwood classics jsy Nick van Exel
2003-04 Lebron James Bazooka rc
2003-04 Dwayne Wade Rookie exclusives rc
2003-04 Slvako Varnes 1/1 Press Plate Finest