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    how come early 1990 cards are bascally worthless?

    anyone know? and are 0506 cards gonna be worthless too?

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    prob because they were so cheap, and so prevalent and the card itself felt so cheap. Thats my take on it. I wouldnt think it will mean the new stuff today will be so cheap, but the values on the real good stuff shouldnt go the way those went.

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    Its because the mass produced cards from about 76 until now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sense6
    Its because the mass produced cards from about 76 until now.

    but 76 cards are worth some...

    wait wut u sayin?:new_silly

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    It was a wierd time in the hobby, everyone was collecting cards in the mid eightesto early ninties, so I think overproduction and value was at an all time low. I also believe the innovation in card printing has created more attractive cards. The cards produced at that time were lackluster and not always that attractive. The only thing I hate about the hobby now is the lack of care of base cards. I hope that changes

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    there were millions of each base card made in the 90s.

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    Their was rampant overproduction of the regular sets from the mid 80s until the mid 90s. 89 Upper Deck was one exception along with the Topps Tiffany sets for not being highly overproduced hence why some of the cards in the sets hold decent values(esp the Tiffanys). With the advent of inserts and less production after the Mid 90s cards held more value.

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    Call me crazy, but I personally would rather bust these boxes (1990 Hoops, 1991 Upper Deck, 1992-93 Fleer/Skybox/Stadium Club/Upper Deck) than some of the boxes today. (Basketball)

    These are the packs I was spending ALL of my allowance $$ and extra odd jobs (mowing lawns, snow removal and stuff) $$ on. (I was only around 7 or 8 years old).

    I don't care that there are no Jersey/Autos/ or 1/1 cards.

    These cards just take me down memory lane. I remember for my 10th birthday I got a gift certificate for a card shop and I bought a box of 92-93 Fleer and a 1992 Emmitt Smith Starting Line-up (I still have it sealed!!!). Anyways, the box contained a pretty sweet Michael Jordan All-Star card (bluish color) and that for a while was my favorite card.

    Not to mention the Shaq and MJ Beam Team cards from Stadium Club. Those were like the MOST valuable cards of that time (besides a Jordan RC of course).

    I would be happier to pull those cards again than I would be to pull some common autos or GU.

    **If anybody has any of these boxes or can obtain them please LMK!!!**


    I remember the Larry Johnson and Mutombo Rookies were REALLY HOT back in 91-92.

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    Yup I was pretty much in the same boat as you, but like everyone said they mass produced the heck outta the early 90's and the sets had almost no inserts. Compare a Shaq RC to say any of the Chris Pauls RC's of 2005/06 and you can see a PRETTY stark contrast $ wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stang81
    I remember the Larry Johnson and Mutombo Rookies were REALLY HOT back in 91-92.
    those were sweet cards!! still got me a set!! the UDs had them in their draft day suits, nice color to the cards, cool design!! im with ya mike!! never a big fan of the hoops/fleer cards of the early 90s, but skybox / stadium club (beam teams were the bomb!!) / ultra / ud were great boxes to bust!! i remember doing a show the week the 92-93 ultras came out!! made some money and bought a box and pulled a shaq all rookie team insert!! sold it for $100 on the spot!! turned around and bought another 1/2 box and pulled another!! not a bad deal for a 20 table thursday night show!! i miss those days!! a much more simple time!!

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