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    Wanted 3 1995 Topps Archives 1955 Tom Lasorda #115/165

    I am looking for three (3) 1995 Topps Archives Brooklyn Dodgers 1955 Tom Lasorda card #115/165. These cards were available in factory sets and wax boxes released by Topps in 1995 in the 1952-1956 Brooklyn Dodgers 40th Anniversary set. I have over 1800 singles of the same product for trade. If you can help me out, please feel free to e-mail me at

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    First, Welcome to SCF.
    I moved your post to the Baseball Trading forum with a re-direct from your original.
    SCF has tried to create an easy to use site, adding "dedicated/genre(?) specific forums" as needed.

    Hope someone posts, PM's or e-mails with your needs.

    PS: Don't forget to check out the meet-n-greet forum(See forum jump, site map located at bottom of every forum page), there's some great general information posted there.. there's 2 stickied, and were created by Andy(SingleDaddyof2)
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