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Sucks sorry to hear that. I have heard that about Blowout from several people actually. I like Blowout but try to avoid any kind of arguments since I know they are quick to pull the trigger on someone.
You are wise to be careful ... and make sure not to upset any of the guys connected to the mods as it can go from good to bad pretty quick ... and there seem to be some "untouchables" on there who can curse and insult people with no repercussions but the second someone offends them, that person gets banned. It's really quite sad as the site wants to be "the site" for all the big-time collectors but when people like Wes Love and myself and other super hi-end collectors can't find a home there, there is a problem with the site, not with all the super hi-end collectors, though yes, I know some can also be jerks ...

I follow the Bucs thread on there and RogerGodahell and majestik still post on there all the time.
I never considered anyone on there to be enemies of mine, not even the one dealer who tried to scam me and even he and I worked things out and are now on a friendly basis ... I also enjoyed some of RogerGodahell's and Majestic's posts but both of those guys did seem to have issues with me. With hindsight being 20/20 I would have done things a bit differently but I was new to the site and trying to corner the market on hi-end Jameis 1/1s ... I think my very first post on there said I wanted to be "the Jameis Winston supercollector" and that I'd appreciate it if everyone on there could give me a chance to buy their hi-end Jameis 1/1s before listing them on eBay. Some liked that and made quick deals with me for some great cards, but some took offense to that for some reason.

Then, after a few months, my collection was pretty big, around 70 different true 1/1 Jameis RC's and I would make an update noting the number I had and that I was still buying. Many B.O. members, including Roger I believe and definitely Majestic demanded to see all my 1/1s ... I told everyone that I was an OCD perfectionist and did not want to "display" my collection until I had it just right as I was in the process of trading all of my lower-end 1/1s for higher end 1/1s and trading my non auto's (e.g. Exquisite 1/1, Topps Chrome non-auto'd superfractor, etc) for autod 1/1s ... and then people started flipping out and saying I was lying about my cards, didn't have more than a few 1/1s, etc ... it was very strange. Now of course, everyone knows I have the best Jameis collection on earth and when I finally displayed my "Lucky 13" collection in the $100k eBay display (I have no intention of actually selling and definitely not for a mere $100k) ad I received a ton of messages and people saying, "holy cow, you really did have all those cards", etc., and lots of people that used to seemingly not like me have reached out to me and we have at least cordial relationships, but it was a strange few months on B.O. indeed.

When I look back I really think all the issues just boil down to good ole fashion jealousy and envy. There are some very heavy-hitters on B.O. and guys with collections that will blow your mind, and I was brand new to the site and within a few short months had amassed the most impressive collection of the hottest young QB around, yet was refusing to show my collection until it was "just right" in my mind, and I think that ticked a lot of the old-guard off. I also know full well that I can come off as a "know it all" as I'm one of those high-IQ, low-EQ people that may even be borderline-Asperger and I've always been a loner and an extreme introvert. And, when I debate sports, I tend to use an avalanche of statistics, data, history and the like and many people can't handle and they quickly get offended.

During one B.O. all-time NBA draft I drafted Arvydas Sabonis and when I did so I made a 2-3 page post explaining why I drafted him complete with links to articles from Russian newspapers and various other international sources, etc. Some of the long-time members who always took part in those drafts just flipped out and started cursing at me and saying I was an arrogant idiot and how dare I attempt to educate them ... it was crazy. Of course, I sort of enjoy the back and forth and I don't back down from anyone or anything so I just replied with even more stats, facts, history and proof and they probably felt I was acting in an extremely condescending manner, which I undoubtedly was and do often ... it's one part of my personality that could use some work :-)

Anyways, there are lots of good and bad apples everywhere, in every business and on every website, so I wish nothing but the best for the B.O. website and on every member there!

Regardless, and all of the above said, B.O. has a lot of very active members and it can be a fun site, so I certainly hope you can have a lot of fun on the site with non of the negative drama I experienced :-)