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    Yankees Quad Jersey & Yankees Dual Jersey FOR TRADE

    I have the following Yankees for trade. I am looking to trade for Auto's & multi colored Patches that catch my eye in BB, BKB, & FB or nice Game Used of Albert Pujols. If interested, please let me know what you have available for trade or make an offer. Thank you

    04 Sweet Spot Sweet Threads Quad Jersey #d/99 Mike Mussina/Jose Contreras/Javier Vazquez/Kevin Brown BV $25

    02 SPx Winning Materials 2 Player Jersey Combos Dual Jersey Bernie Williams/Jason Giambi BV $15

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    I like the Terrell Suggs Auto/Jersey 8x10. LMK Thanks

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    The Dual has been traded.

    The Quad is still available.

    Anyone interested?

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    Check my bucket, feel free to look in my PC


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    Gkeenan: I like your Travis Hafner Auto and your Albert Pujols Game Used cards. LMK Thanks

    Syno: Only card of interest was the Eckersley/Fingers Dual Auto. LMK Thanks

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    The Hafner is gone, I have to update that bucket. I think I will back out of this one...not enough in my bucket to trade.


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