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Thread: Panini Unparalleled -- 2 Packs

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    Panini Unparalleled -- 2 Packs

    I only have one actual card shop in my city. Most of the time, when I want to get some packs or whatnot, I have to go to WalMart and get a blaster. I really needed supplies today, and drove by my part-time shop to see if, perhaps, he was actually open, and he was!

    Picked up my supplies and 2 packs of Panini Unparalleled and 1 pack of Panini Prizm basketball.

    The only names I really knew from the break were the Manning brothers. A couple others, but nobody "hot." I did pull two variants of the same card in my two packs ... #175 Kelvin Taylor. They have different patterns, and one is pink, while the other is brown. No idea what the difference means. Got 3 total inserts; Eli Manning Zoned In, a Carolina Panthers Pivotal Drive featuring Cam Newton, Jon Stewart and Greg Olsen, and finally a Conner Cook black jersey swatch, #139/299. Too bad he couldn't have had a better game this weekend against the Texans.

    EDIT: Needed a couple more things, and bought another pack. Pulled a Pharoh Cooper Autograph/Jersey card, #26/49. Never heard of him, but it's a nice looking card.

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    For someone who never took first team or even second team snaps he did alright. I just hope they didn't break him during this debacle.
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