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    New Kronozio website preview. Feedback needed.

    Future Kronozio website: We need SCF community feedback!

    The actual version of is about one year old. It is an “ok” website. There some glitches and irritants but otherwise it is “ok”.

    Now we do not want to be only “ok”. The past year we got a lot of comments and many good suggestions. We plan to remove irritants and add needed functions. This is a lot of work but, in the last months we already done a lot: a complete relooking that, we hope, might give birth to the one of most ergonomic and easy to browse sport cards website.

    Please look at:

    and take a few minutes to browse that future website. What are your likes ? dislikes ?

    Every text in white color is clickable. Try it: player names, team names, products names, stores names, etc.

    We ask for your feedback because as this will be our foundation, we want your comments before adding the other features.
    Please note that the site is incomplete and not yet optimized. There is no login and you cannot buy cards now (the cards and stores are real. If you are really interested in a card, you can find it on our regular website). The upper right menus Cart and Login are not working.

    The new site is designed for modern browsers. It is responsive. It should work well on phones and tablets. If you found a problem, please report your device / OS / browser with your findings.
    Please note that we have a stores list page that is temporary: it has raw data and no real design. Home pages of our stores have default categories that sellers will be able to customize.

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    Hey! We made a lot of progress the last two months. In fact we should launch the new website this month.
    At the moment we are doing tests and adding the last bits. Our todo list is far from empty but still, the new website is a huge upgrade!
    In fact, except for the url that will change, you can now browse and buy for cards in the new web site. Everything works.

    For those that do not like the black background don't forget you can change to a white background using the upper right menu.

    The new cart is simply awesome: Add cards to your cart without leaving your position in the page you are browsing. When you go in your cart page you can make offer, remove cards, decide which you want to pay...

    Seller can customize their home page by transforming search results done in their own cards into categories and quick links.

    It tooks more time than planned because we made some changes to kronocard too. As an example we added european eBay sites support.

    As previously said there are a lot of things we will add: Better messaging, Better feedback sections, special pages for teams, sets, and special events such as that is a work in progress. We continue to take note of all suggestions and comments are always welcome.


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    Nice overall start

    [QUOTE]3) Lastly, You might want to consider the ability to have a text layout or a few others. A lot of users visit the site via their phone and heavy reliance on images might cause mobile users to not bother.[/QUOT

    Agree, even on a Laptop I noticed this. To many images initially.
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