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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    patsfan: nope but I got at least 5 red sox gu including a varitek gu jsy.....and many more....

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    can u name the gu and give me the prices for them thanx

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    LCM gu:
    Nomar bat /100 3 dlvd
    Varitek jsy /150 4 dlvd
    Martinez dual /250 4 dlvd

    Boggs signature donruss bat 5 dlvd

    12 dlvd for it all. LMK

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    ill do the varitek for 3 and u send first since i am out of envelopes and stamps and u included a envelope and stamp that i can send the money in and i will pay $5

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    no, its 4 dlvd and you pay have low feedbacks....Cost 1.50 to ship alone...and it books 10+

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    hey, could you please PM me with the Reds that you have and maybe we can work out a deal

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    I like the Gibson/Brock dual GU, and the Rolen and Edmonds certified materials. I have a few certified materials and a few cubs gu on my site, I also have a Khalil Greene Allen & Ginter mini (A&G back) if you're interested. Check my page and let me know.

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