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    Rate my Pistol Pete collection!

    its not fantastic..just messing with my new scanner....
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    Ducks and Dodgers please.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Ya need to go under ur options and make ur bucket public viewable m8.

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    he has 4 regular GU:

    01 Greats of The Game College GU
    01-02 UD Legends GU Floor
    04-05 Fleer Premium Parquet Performers Floor
    05-06 UD Trilogy Swatches of Stardom

    then he has:

    05-06 SPGU Nameplate /8

    no autos other than a cut from 05-06 Greats of the Game

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    oh as for the rating on it, he has 122 total cards. i would give it a 3 for right now only based on no GUs and not much quantity. Nab a GU or two and some more of the more recent stuff and it will jump im my eyes

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    nice collection..........Maravich was a god on playing the game of bball...


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    haha yeah I agree with you guys, the only saving quality of my collection is that icee bear card nearly in perfect condition
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    Ducks and Dodgers please.

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    It would be much more impressive if you had his RC from 70-71 Topps and 2nd year card from 71-72 Topps.

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