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    I got around $60 bucks to spend

    Which hobby box should I get. I know $60 doesnt do much. But tell me what I should get. Can be either football or baseball and doesnt matter if its this year or not.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    dont know if you buy from dave and adams (dacardworld) but i would just check out what the got from this year and last and find something that floats your boat!! probably get a BETTER product for $60 from last year, but all depends on if you like that class or if you are real into the 06 stuff (personally i think this class is a bit overrated!! shoot, $20 for a bush prestige?? that is more than ANY OTHER prestige non SP rookie ever, even today!! ben is only like $15!!)

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    lol, i forgot you were looking for baseball too....cant help you there, im a strictly football guy these days!!

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    i'd say topps chrome isn't a bad choice. go for it

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