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Thread: Some PC cards up 4 sell/trade

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    Talking Some PC cards up 4 sell/trade

    Hello all, well i'm looking for a Marino auto or other P.Manning auto i don't have. If interested in buying leave an offer and please don't try to low ball on these cards.
    Thx Darrell

    Ok link fixed use this one...

    Bennett auto/letterman patch

    Elway Orange patch

    Bennett 3 color patch #ed 4/5

    R. Moss yellow patch #ed/28

    J.Namath auto/jersey

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    i have a manning dual with eli lmk if youre intrested

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    spartanfan18 it an auto? if so i would like to see it.

    cuat_420 ......links fixed now.....TY

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    Hey cuat_420 i could use this one for sure ...LMK if we can do anything for it.
    Thx Darrell

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    elway4ever ..was wondering how long before you came have that one and another thats not pictured...looking to sell...if you want we can chat around 4pm cst as i'll be home from work then.
    LMK Thx Darrell

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