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    Small Assortment of Canadian Coins Plus a Possible US 1972D Lincoln Penny Errror!

    Good Day!

    I have been going through tons of my personal belongings as a way of weeding out things of no use to me, and things I'd still like to keep, and things that have value but I don't really want.

    So as part of the latter I came across some of what at one time was a bit of a coin collection I had going on. Since I don't have that as an interest anymore, I figured I'd see who on NSCF might be.

    So with that here's what I have that am looking to part with:

    What's in this group is a 1911 Large Canadian Penny, and with the condition of AU-50 it is valued in the $15.00 range. The 1953 "large date" quarter, and the 1963 dime are silver and thus are minimum valued at $5.00, and $2.50 because of metal content. The 1926 penny is in F-12 condition, and valued at $8.00. The 1929 is a "low 9" variation, and because of it's condition of AG-3 is only worth $.30. The 1933 is in VG-8 condition, and valued around $.85.

    Now for the American 1972D penny. It's a bit of an off-centre strike, and the "In God We Trust" is reduced. Possibly due to die wearing. I'm not sure if this is legit, but there is a similar one on ebay right now:

    If that's the case I should be asking quite a bit for it, but I would make it worthwhile to a coin collector if they are interested.

    I would prefer to sell this as a whole lot, and I am asking $30 CAD delivered for them all. Including the Lincoln.
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