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    quad pacth shaun tiki lj and and edge

    playoff prestige quad pacth of tike barber larry johnson edergin james and shaun alexander 4 color pacth 20/25 looking to trade or sell this

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    check my site or LMK who you collect so I can throw out an offer.

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    Doubt it'll fall to me but how much for it dlvd? Thanks a lot.

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    gump- i like the paul davis the 2 gordon autos abd the willis machgahee lmk pls it might be alot but what will you gvie me for my quad
    iowahawk-sry nothing i needed

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    azlatin i like the roy williams both auyos the boldin helmet g.u the fitz and clayton dual and the fitz fleer heritage rc the boldin topps prstine rc and the gore topps chrome lmk thanks

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