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    Kazuo Matsui finally decided that what i am collecting

    im interested in all of his cards so put down the card and the price

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I have these:
    Kazuo Matsui

    2005 Leaf Century Collection white jrsy (SS) #100 68/250

    2005 Topps Galery Originals bat #GO-KM

    Can do $2 each plus $1 delivery in a bubble mailer = $5

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    deal can u included a stamp so i can send the money since i am out of stamps and wont be able to go to the post office for awhile

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    Technically you should send first, but I will trust you on this one and send to you to welcome you to the forum. Want to buy any Frank THomas cards, too? I have a BUNCH listed on my site (not bucket). I can give you most of them, except the low #ed ones, at $2.50.

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    no thanx on the thomas can u post the trade and dont forget the stamp

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    i have these base of matsui:

    05 Cracker Jack
    05 Topps
    05 Flair Showcase
    05 Fleer National Pastime
    05 Bazooka
    05 UD Pros and Prospects

    will sell em for $3 dlvd.

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    yea sure.i also have some mannys and ortiz that you may need(posted in your other thread).

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    u post the trade also does the post office still take 37 cent stamps if i add a 2 cent stamp on

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