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Thread: My new EBay win...Big $$$$

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    My new EBay win...Big $$$$

    Here is the link:

    Some of that stuff was just TOO tempting...I had to bid, ended up winning, lol. Let me know what you think. I think that there is some pretty awesome stuff in there.

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    WOW!!!! thats an awesome lot. congratulations on winning lol

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    I will trade for some of your lower end patch cards.

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    Thats an amazing price for all that. Some truely awsome cards in there!

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    Microwave, I'd be down to trade the patch cards, but I'd need to trade a semi - large lot for a fewer number of cards if you're cool with that. Also, thanks for the support guys, it was damn expensive, but the triple autos, the jeter/upton, the caddy and ronny and the clemens, and then the paul to top it all off i just couldn't resist. thanks for the reassurance bro's.

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    would you be willing to sell that nash GU once you get the cards?

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    WOW!!!! what a great price, I am drooling over the Carlton/Ryan/Feller auto and the Chris Paul, congrats man.

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    if that Chris Paul SPA Auto is for sale/trade then drop me a PM. Really need that.

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    Oh man that James/ Garnett/ McGrady AU was unbelievably sweet. I think I drooled a couuple times looking at that stuff. I could use that Bracey Wright AU that you get. LMK

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