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    Level 1 - BULLS

    Level 2 - CHIEFS

    Level 3 - FLYERS

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    level 2 blackhawks

    level 3 preditors and flames
    i need pujols rcs ,braves autos,and some prospects ,autos of , machado,glasnow,swanson,arenado
    longo. ,trout,,sano,kris Bryant,corey seager, buxton,,urios,,newcomb, trea turner, correa
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    Level 2: (5 RP / 2 SP)
    2d) NFL: who will win: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders (8:30pm ET)

    Level 3: (10 RP / 3 SP)
    3g) NHL: who will win: Nashville Predators at Philadelphia Flyers (7pm ET)
    3h) NHL: who will win: Tampa Bay Lightning at Columbus Blue Jackets (7pm ET)
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    Oct 19
    lvl 1: raptors, thunder
    Collecting Kobe Bryant, Kobe Anthology, Shaquille O'Neal,
    Laker Rookies/Game Used/Autos, (Magic Johnson, Kareem, Chamberlain, West, Baylor, Gasol, Fisher, Horry, Fox, Odom,
    Toronto Raptor Rookies/Game Used/Autos (Damon Stoudamire, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Chris Bosh, DeMar DeRozan

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    spreadsheet up-to-date:

    Welcome to the contest, @opulent jupiter, you have been added to the scoring spreadsheet.

    Also, sorry for not putting today's baseball game on the schedule. The Cubs-Dodgers game was still going on yesterday when I did the schedule for today and I didn't know for certain that the Cubs would win, forcing another game today. That's why it isn't there.
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    Level 1: (2 RP / 1 SP)
    1a) NBA: who will win: Chicago Bulls
    1b) NBA: OKC Thunder (8pm ET)
    1c) NBA: who will win: LA Clippers
    Level 2: (5 RP / 2 SP)
    2d) NFL: who will win: Kansas City Chiefs

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    Questions for Thursday, October 19, 2017:

    Level 2: (5 RP / 2 SP)
    2e) NHL: who will win: Edmonton Oilers at Chicago Blackhawks (8:30pm ET) Chicago Blackhawks

    Level 3: (10 RP / 3 SP)
    3h) NHL: who will win: Tampa Bay Lightning at Columbus Blue Jackets (7pm ET) Tampa Bay Lightning
    3i) NHL: who will win: Carolina Hurricanes at Calgary Flames (9pm ET) Calgary Flames
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