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    Club 1909 Membership Has Its Rewards

    A Membership that Just Keeps on Giving
    By Karine Hains and Richard McAdam

    If you're around SCF a lot, you might have already read Karine's article “Taking Collectors Nearer to the Action” or the other one she wrote on the same topic, called “In it to Win it”. You've no doubt also seen Richard's show & tell threads showing off some very unique item he's earned through the greatest fan club in the history of sports if you ask us, Club 1909. In case you're not familiar with it, you should know that it's a program the Montreal Canadiens created to get their fans more active and vocal about their team through social media. Club 1909 is currently in its 3rd season and we figured it was perhaps time to write a small guide. Firstly, if you are a Montreal Canadiens' fan and you are not a Club 1909 member, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Not only do you need Club 1909 to buy tickets to games, but there is a whole "next level" aspect to the membership! Club 1909 offers you the chance to earn exclusive rewards, attend fantastic events, and really bolster your Canadiens memorabilia collection. How you say? Read on!

    Firstly you need to join at There are 3 possible membership options: the first one is free, the second is becoming a Premium member which means that for a one off payment of $29.99 you will receive a membership cards with a piece of game-used jersey in it and receive twice as many points for every Club 1909 action; third and finally, newly added this season you can opt for a $35 one-time fee which will triple all the points you get for every action for the entire 2016-17 season.

    Gathering points
    Once you've joined, it's time to gather some points which you will be able to redeem for rewards, experiences and truly unique Canadiens items!

    Here is what you can do the get points:
    -Input the daily codes provided by the team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in your Club 1909 dashboard (5 points per code for basic membership, 10 for premium and 15 for triple);
    -Play the 7th player: head over to the Habs' website ( and once there read news, watch videos, register for contests, share stuff on Twitter or Facebook and take part in the Predictor game. 10 points earned on 7th player will result in 10, 20 or 30 Club 1909 points per day;
    -Watch the games and input the codes provided on Sportsnet, radio and RDS;
    -Tweet about the game while the Habs are playing using the #GoHabsGo mention and once it has been used enough time, bonus codes will unveiled (5,10 or 15 points) on the #GoHabsGo Challenge site;
    -Retweet EVERYTHING the Montreal Canadiens tweet, up to 50/100/150 points per week;
    -Download the Habs' app on your mobile device (Apple Store and Google Plus) and play the games on there which include the Pick Five Pool and the Bingo. Again, taking part in these will allow you to earn various amount of points;
    -Gear up on or at the Bell Centre Habs Zone - scan your card, and every dollar spent becomes 1,2 or 3 points;
    -Buy food and drink at the Bell Centre and scan your card to receive points for your purchases;
    -Scan your card at one of the specially marked kiosks when you attend a game;
    -Enter the destination challenge: take a picture of yourself wearing Habs gear in front of the weekly various landmarks in Québec, Canada or anywhere in the world, where you can earn 100, 200, 300 points for your entry.

    In order to ensure that you're not missing any codes, follow the account @ Codesclub1909 on Twitter the person who uses that user handle tweets the codes every day. You think it sounds like a lot of hassle? Wait until you know what it could get you..

    Redeem your points

    In your Club 1909 dashboard, the prizes can be found under the Rewards section. You will see a load of goodies which can be had for various points, from relatively common pins to once-in-a-lifetime experiences like receiving a game-worn jersey off a player's back! The rewards uploads are fairly scarce, and desirable items can go very quickly so you do need to keep an eye on the section to make sure you don't miss out. A great variety of items are offered; game-used and warm-up pucks, player-worn equipment (gloves, sticks, jerseys, skates and helmets), jersey number retirement pins, books, posters, stick blades, bobble heads, signed pucks, hats and t-shirts--and of course all of it bears the Montreal Canadiens imprint. In addition to these semi-regular memorabilia items, there have also been several rewards uploads featuring incredible unique rewards that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

    This being the third season of Club 1909, we have both been very fortunate to redeem for some very cool items. Here is our respective history:

    -Bell Centre Playoff signage - Sergei Gonchar autographed
    -Playoffs ticket pre-sale;
    -Tomas Plekanec game-used stick;
    -Carey Price oversized card with piece of the net he defended on his historic 43rd win in a season;
    -P.K. Subban oversized card with a piece of game used stick;
    -P.K. Subban poplin banner;
    -Jeff Petry Winter Classic practice worn jersey;
    -Montreal Canadiens Centennial game book;
    -Collection of articles from La Presse about the Montreal Canadiens;
    -Montreal Canadiens 2015-2016 yearbook signed by P.K. Subban;
    -Goal puck – Brandon Prust;
    -Game used puck from February 6th, 2016 – Connor McDavid's first game in Montreal;
    -Poster of the centennial game;
    -Carey's Army (obtain Club 1909 points for every save Carey Price makes);
    -Regular season game pre-sale.
    -Alexander Radulov giant NHL 17 autographed HUT card - Auction win

    - Carey Price Locker Room Nameplate
    - Name in the Ice: Carey Price's Crease
    - 2014 Playoffs Bell Centre Signage - Carey Price (Autographed)
    - 10% Discount on
    - Retired Jersey Souvenir Programs
    - Goal Puck - Alex Tanguay
    - Logo from game-worn jersey in frame (English)
    - Goal Puck - Josh Gorges
    - Carey Price Card with Authentic Piece of Net from Price's historic 43rd win (x2)
    - "Maurice Richard: Reluctant hero" book
    - Autographed Hat - Carey Price
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    - Travel Bag
    - Josh Gorges Locker Room Nameplate
    - Carey's Army
    - Alexander Radulov Card with Authentic Piece of Game-Used Stick
    - 2015 Playoffs Bell Centre Signage - Carey Price (Autographed)

    To steal a line from another card company, membership definitely has its rewards!

    Auctions and raffles

    In addition to the random rewards redemption uploads, there are also regular events on the site for raffles and auctions. Of course this is a gamble as you could end up spending a lot of points and come away with nothing, but who among hockey card collectors doesn't like a risk? Right now, there are raffles running to win an invite to this season's second VIP Casino event on February 27th, PS4; Xbox One Madden 17 games autographed by Bryan Flynn and Torey Mitchell, who featured in the recent Madden Duel on; and, the chance to attend a game in the Renaissance loft as well as the night in that hotel for 4 people. Past raffles have included an autographed Patrick Roy stick, the first Habs jersey Shea Weber wore signed by the man himself, and a signed miniature Stanley Cup featuring some of the greatest Canadiens players ever that was valued at $5,500.00! Some people love to take part in raffles but personally, both of us prefer to save our points and chase the rewards, not just the chance to win some. With that said, we've both partaken in a few of these raffles over time.

    However, and she may chalk it up to her success, Karine is a big fan of the auctions. There have been some very unique items available by way of auction. For instance, earlier this season the Habs Duel featured Alexander Radulov and Alex Galchenyuk taking on Daniel Carr and Artturi Lehkonen in a game of EA Sports' NHL 17. In the background, you could see giant HUT cards of the 4 players and each was signed by the player himself. When Karine saw that video, she immediately tweeted that those cards would be awesome rewards and within minutes, the Canadiens' Twitter account replied with a cryptic, "That could be an idea..." It was only a matter of time before the cards showed up on the Club 1909 website. We were hoping they would be rewards that you could just buy but it wasn't so. Each card showed up in the form of a week-long auction. First came Carr, then Lehkonen and after him, Karine's new favourite, Alexander Radulov! Ever since Club 1909 was created, she's been dreaming of getting some game used gloves and was saving her points for that purpose but with a little egging on from Richard she couldn't resist her new found "Radulove." Even though there's the worry that committing your points to an auction may mean you'll miss out on rewards uploads, she knew to wait until late in the game to place her bid. Auction bidding on Club 1909 is not like bidding on eBay. If you bid 5000 points, the total automatically goes up to 5000 points and it doesn't matter if the previous bid was only 1000 points. Some people were not aware of that and as a result, the Radulov card jumped up to 7000 points in no time. We kept a close eye on the auction and once there was only around 20 seconds left to it, Karine jumped in with an 8000 points bid. To our surprise, the bid having been made so late in the day, time was added to the auction, 1 minute and 30 seconds to be exact and so began the biggest bidding battle Karine's ever been involved in. Clearly, she wasn't the only interested person and for 20 minutes the bidding war continued. Eventually, the card got to 9000 points which was the limit Karine had set. She briefly logged off, but in true die-hard "I NEED THIS!" fan form logged back in and threw an 11,000 bid. Time slowly ticked away, until finally, VICTORY. The auction ended on January 7th, and on February 8th (on Karine's birthday of all days) her giant card was delivered. She can honestly say this is one of her favorite rewards and cannot wait to put it up this weekend in the Habs museum. It's exciting to have that style of auction, as opposed to the sniping ways of eBay; it definitely gets you riled up and eager to see time tick away!

    Fan Engagement & Community

    We have both been very engaged with the program since day one, and it has been a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for us as friends. This is something that we really can't underscore enough--"best fans in the game, it's true what they say" said Annakin Slayd in the song "MTL Stand Up" and Club 1909 has certainly provided great evidence of that! We've both made friendships with people through social media, simply through following along with the games, the hashtags, and sharing our own experiences with the Canadiens and our fellow fans. It is not at all uncommon to add at least a couple followers for every game, that's how interactive things can be with this core group. Richard is going to Montreal in March and is really hoping to meet up with quite a few people he's met through Club 1909, and Karine can also attest to the great times she's had with Club 1909 members during her trips to the Bell Centre in recent years. At the end of the day, there are few things as enjoyable as being able to talk about something you love with people that share your passion. That's what Club 1909 adds on top of all the great stuff that you can score!
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