Attention to all the REAL collectors! Do you have a couple dozen of those mass produced sets in the doubles part of your collection that cost more to buy the wax packs of way back when than they are worth now and cannot find someone to trade them to? Got a couple of 4,000 count boxes taking up space that no one wants to barter for because the postage probably costs more than the value of the set? Well.....YOU'RE PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!! How so? Here's the deal; Let me know what you have, what you fairly value your starter(s) or complete set(s) at, and if I do not have it already in my collection, I will send you fair value from my own stock pile of starter/completed sets of something you don't have in your collection. Yes, I agree, postage is a factor even if you send it media mail. But again, this offer is for the real collector. Those who can put aside (slightly) the financial factor in order to get something new and to make some space in their dens! So, what cha got? Hit me here or at [email protected] , let me know what board you found me on (I belong to several) and lets get some cardboard moving between us! And while you saw me on this thread, I do trade for all sports as well as non sports cards, and even vinyl (45 RPM and LP's to you born after 1980). Thanks for the read. And looking forward to hearing from you.

God Bless - Bill K.