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    Quote Originally Posted by lil5up3rman View Post
    Yes Panini still honors expired redemption's if you are not getting a response I would try calling their offices, they can be hard to get a hold of but they certainly honor them, thanks. Daniel
    you can use (at)PaniniCSM on twitter as well. That is is responsive (for the most part)
    If you have unwanted cards you are looking to purge, please consider a donation to my family's mission in helping to find a cure for Olivia's disorder Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Cards donated will be sold on eBay, COMC or locally in the Buffalo/Niagara area to support the Hidden Content .
    Shipping done on Saturdays for all Addresses
    Contact me for any site related issues
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    If I'm eligible for this break then count me in (spot five).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Druid View Post
    If I'm eligible for this break then count me in (spot five).
    PM sent and trade confirmed. Marking the fifth spot as your slot. Glad to have you in the break.

    Customized Shoes for any occasion!Hidden Content
    Actions are backed up by words, I wish more of us backed them up!!!
    If you have talent with video editing and would like to join the staff drop me a pm!

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    I will take spot #3.

    Never did a group break before. This should be fun!

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