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Thread: Got the FEVER!!

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    Got the FEVER!!

    I have been collecting since Baseball cards since I was younger. (I say that like im old. 28) HUGE Orioles fan. I just recently pulled my small collection out and was also given a couple home storage containers full of Baseball cards so I have been slowly going through all of them trying to catalog in my own way VIA excel spreadsheets. I am slowly purchasing yearly boxes of baseball cards un-opened store packs I.E. Wax Boxes to expand my collection. I have come across a couple Gems in my eyes like my favorite the Billy Ripken FF Cards I have gotten a couple of those and also a white out Billy Ripken. (pretty hyped about that one).

    Any who here's to spending money finding gems and little knowledge along the way!

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    Welcome to SCF and make sure to look around. May have some Cal Ripken Jr cards left, will look and let you know!
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    Welcome to SCF !!
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    nitrobrain06- Welcome to SCF!
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Welcome to SCF Corey, have fun here and enjoy yourself!

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    nitrobrain06, Welcome to SCF! Wish you good luck in your card collection!

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    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!!!

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