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    whats the appeal of game gear on the card?

    i dont get why ppl like game gear on the card, i understand autographs. why are ppl attracted to game gear on card?????

  2. Kronozio
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    unless it is event used it is "game-used"

    Which means that the players used it or wore it during a real game

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    i dont see the appeal of it, if you wanted a game jersey, just buy a whole game jersey. having an inch patch is kind of stupid.

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    well you better get to liking them because you cant trade without them htats all anyone looks for even if you want their base cards

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    just think how much a whole real game used jersey would cost you.....

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    it's memorobila! Just a piece, but one and the same. It's crazy to think about. They wore it. I had an ozzie newsome card that had blood one the card. I had a mike vick that was grass stained. Makes of the game. Gotta love it. But my veiw is as good as yours.

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    nope, i will not buy cards for the only reason that they have a jersey in it. if the card looks good then i'll buy it, but i dont care if theres a piece of cloth on it.

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    to each their own. I like Gu's especially when it's for the PC. They have alot of other things besides gu and autos

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    terrapins-if you have any extra cards with cloth on them that you dont want ill trade you for cool cards with out cloth!!

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