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    1998 Bowman Chrome Refractor. Is a textured / pitted style surface common?


    I have a 1998 Bowman Chrome refractor of Peyton Manning (rookie year card). The card is flawless in every way EXCEPT the face of the card.

    The face of the card shows signs of pitting. Well, it looks like pitting, it may just be that the refractors from this series had a textured surface of some sort. I have a 1998 Bowman Chrome Manning regular card and the surface is like glass.

    What I'm wondering is, if this is a common trait of the refractors for that year or something? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hopefully these pictures show the problem. As you can see on the Manning, there is a light texture / pitting when viewing the card in the light - this same trait is not present on the Brady card next to it.

    Please help!

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