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    Looking for Derrick Thomas Jerseys and autos

    LMK whatcha got and whatcha need.

    Thanks, Joe

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    man oh man his cut auto is expensive good luck man he was a great player he made elways life a living hell

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    Yes, I loved watching him at Bama then he came even closer. I will always remember him coming off the weak side and striping Elway then recovering the pigskin for the TD. That was one of the best of all-time. Even though I would have to consider myself a bigger Broncos fan than a Chiefs (at least I better or the wife will kick my !!!)

    Anyone have ANYTHING!!!!!

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    Well, i dont have any GU or Autos of him, but I do have this::

    Derrick Thomas 1992 Edition Kenner Starting Lineup (w/ card & 11" x 14" poster (UNOPENED)

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