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    Arrow I NEED CC !!! I have a TON of base and inserts for CC

    I'm looking for some CC so please LMK what players/teams your looking for and how much CC you will give for whatever your looking for. I'm not sure of the trading ratio but I am looking to raise at least 100 CC, LMK what you need for it!!!! Thanks

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    any tomlinson,vick,leftwich,aaron brooks,deangelo willaims rommie brown,cadillac?
    lmk thanks

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    bucs and pats rookies from 2004-2006 looking to spend 150-300 cc

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    pujolsmaniac- how many cards are we shooting for? I have about 20 cards so far of the players you listed, how much CC can you give for those? PLMK

    StainLss-not too much other than a Stovall Press Pass RC auto and some Caddy stuff....not really looking to move them for CC tho

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    what dou have of besides base?spending maybe 200 cc

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    I've got Ronnie Brown and Caddy RC's and GU's but I'm not really pressed to move them for cc....I'm gonna try to just buy some I guess

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    150 cc raised, thx for all the replies, but I'm no longer looking for any more cc

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