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Thread: wsoxfan's TTM thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC22 View Post
    Davidson and Kahnle signed for me TTM last year, so you should see those back at some point. Good work so far!
    Thanks! I've been having fun with it. I'm sending them 8x10s, which is a first, so I'm really hoping to see them back soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudeidontcare View Post
    Hey man, just wanted to say I love watching your returns from this thread! Let me know if you're needing some suggestions, I have a few guys for you that are pretty good signers who played for the White Sox that I noticed aren't on your list
    Thanks! What guys are you talking about? Always open to suggestions.

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    One success yesterday, and I sent out some more requests. I sent back out to new addresses for Ahmed Best (Star Wars) and Willie Harris, who both came back RTS the first time. I also sent out to these guys:

    Jim Abbott
    Shawn Abner
    Roberto Alomar
    Wilson Alvarez
    Tim Anderson
    Albert Belle
    Tony Bernazard
    Rodney Bolton
    Thad Bosley
    Jeff Bittiger

    The success is Bob Howry, who signed his '01 Topps card in blue sharpie. 57 day return from his Peoria, AZ address in the TTM database.
    Current success rate: 75%!

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