A former mixed martial arts fighter known as War Machine is facing life in prison after being found guilty of kidnapping and sexually assaulting his porn star ex-girlfriend.

Jurors deadlocked Monday on two attempted-murder charges against Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, but convicted him of a total of 29 counts.

Koppenhaver, 35, went by his birth name during the two-week trial but had legally changed it to War Machine during his 19-fight MMA career.

Defense attorney Jay Leiderman this week conceded Koppenhaver's guilt on eight lesser domestic battery charges, including punching and injuring ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. Koppenhaver also was charged with threatening her male friend Corey Thomas when he found them together in bed in 2014.
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'He did it. He used fists to punch the face,' Leiderman said Thursday of the attacks on Mack.