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Thread: need an opinoin on a trade

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    need an opinoin on a trade

    heres a trade offer i got:

    I GET:

    00 Finest Lyle Overbay RC(BV $8)

    HE GETS:

    03 All-Star Choice Midwest Joel Zumaya Minor League RC(BV $N/A)

    is this a good trade or is zumaya really worth hanging onto?

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    yea i was thinking about not doing it.i really like overbay but thats my only zumaya card.

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    Well zumaya might end up to be a compleat stud and I dont think you have to worry about Overbay being a stud any time soon.

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    yea plus i already have a different overbay RC.

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    yep i know.i was just considering it b/c i didnt know about zumayas stats.

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    those are great stats.well i know ill be hanging on to the zumaya now.

    thanks for the opinion!

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