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    2006 Bowman Chrome Baseball FS (Busted 3 Cases)

    Hello everyone. Yes I have been hiding, LOL. Actually been busy with eBay and what not. Here is the deal, I have done about 3 cases of this. I have sold most of the autos and refractors on ebay, but still have some left. All the other stuff in the basic set 1-220 and the prospect blue set 111-220 I have all in order. I have up to about 15 of some guys. If you can lmk who you need or what numbers you need I can help you out. I am mainly looking to sell, I take paypal, money order, cash & check. I might trade if you have some things I can use. Just lmk what you need and Ill get back to you ASAP!!

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    Hi, I need eric harber or sean gallaher or lance broadway

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    I need these:

    134 Carlos Gomez
    135 Jared Lansford
    136 Jose Arredondo
    160 Lorenzo Cain
    165 Ryan Patterson
    182 Dexter Fowler
    189 Andrew Sonnanstine
    219 Emmanuel Garcia

    PLMK on a DLVD price.

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    please check my page theres quite a few cards i can use from the prospects set!!!

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    i have about 5-12 of each of the regular chrome rookies, how many u need and what are you paying each

    out of gomez, how many of those guys are you wanting about each, i have 5-12 of most, lmk

    just have 1 andrus left, sold most of them and my iorg autos were sold

    mainly can use pujols anything, if not i can use autos of decent players

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    Looking for jose Tabata, and any Gallagher and Broadway that Galaxy does not take.
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    all of my tabats have been sold on ebay on the rest ill lyk what i have left, what are you paying each on those guys

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    I need one of each card. What would be your best price DLVD?

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