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Thread: adiddle and family IP for 2017

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    Last nights game was the last season game at Somerset for this year against unless Lancaster gets the second half and we meet in the finals.
    Was able to finish up most of my items
    Last night Somerset announced their top 20 players over the last 20 years and had about 8 of them in attendance 3 which are still playing. I also did not see Scott Shuman from Lancaster so he must have got by me when I was watching the announcements


    Sean Halton 1/1
    Brad Bergesen 12/12 4 EL

    Cory Domel

    The top 20 cards

    Elliott Ayala 1/1
    Casey Cahill 1/1
    Adam Donachie 1/1
    Aharon Eggleston 1/1
    Justin Jensen 1/1
    Josh Pressley 1/1
    Corey Smith 1/1

    Missed Jon Hunton as he came out late and I was heading to Lancaster side

    On my Patriots team sheet

    DVontrey Richardson

    Did not see new player Tony Thomas who was activated for tonight's game
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    Last night was my last series with York at Somerset. Was able to finish them off .


    Brad Allen 1/1
    Michael Burgess 1/1
    Alonzo Harris 1/1
    Chase Hutchinson 1/1
    Isaias Tejeda 1/1
    Travis Witherspoon 1/1


    Tyler Bortnick 0/1 completely ignored me post game

    Next game is Tuesday with the final home games of the season with New Britain
    Have about 6 cards for them and still need Bortnick and new player Tony Thomas

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    Tonights game was Somerset vs New Britain
    There was maybe 2,000 at the most people in the stands so good night for graphing
    Was able to complete almost everything I had. Have one more night for that
    Here is what I was able to get

    New Britain

    Casey Coleman 1/1 tigsfan
    Conor Bierfeldt 1/1
    Michael Crouse 1/1
    Nate Roe 1/1
    Jovan Rosa 1/1


    Tyler Bortnick 1/1
    David Vidal 1/1 with David back able to get him on the all time top 20 card just given out 2 weeks ago

    On my Somerset team sheet
    Tony Thomas
    David Vidal

    The only players left for me is Jon Hunton on the all 20 team card and new pitcher Mark Hamburger who came out late
    If it does not rain next game is Thurday and the last home game this year. If happens I have to hope they are on the playoff roster to complete

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    Tonight was the last home game of the regular season and I was able to complete my last 2 Patriots


    Jon Hunton 1/1 all time top 20 player card

    Team sheet

    Mark Hamburger

    My graphing season is over and looking for the time off.
    It looks like we will be playing the Ducks in the playoffs and I do not see the Patriots advancing this year. To many weaknesses
    Lets see if they prove me wrong. I say Ducks in 4

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