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    GU. auto, rc lot for best paypal offer

    I have this lot for sale. If anyone is interested please feel free to make an offer.

    06 Ultra Matt Hasselback Scoring Kings jersey
    06 Ultra Lamont Jordan Scoring Kings jersey
    06 Ultra Daunte Culpepper Ultra Achievements jersey
    06 Topps Dwight Freeney All Pro Relics
    05 Playoff Honors Troy Williamson/Ciatrick Fason dual jersey
    05 Playoff Honors Lee Suggs Alma Mater jersey
    05 Ultra Shaun Alexander All Ultra Team jersey
    06 Upper Deck Larry Fitzgerald jersey
    06 Aspire Will Blackmon autograph
    06 Sage Hit Drew Olson autograph
    06 Sage Hit Jonothan Orr autograph
    06 Topps Matt Leinart Rc #354
    06 Score Reggie Bush Hot Rookie
    05 Playoff Honors Aaron Rodgers Rc #191/699

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    I'll offer $13 DLV. for all the jerseys and autos, PMLK. Thanks!

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