Hi all,

Here is my latest listing of sports books for trade. Some new baseball titles to suit all tastes, plus other sports, too. As always, I trade for half of BV (plus maybe throw in an extra buck to cover shipping). No selling. Anything off my wantlists is fair game, but I would also take GU and autographs. All books are hardback unless otherwise noted, are in mint condition and are in their original dust jacket. So have a look.

Baseball: A History of America's Favorite Game. By George Vecsey. BV $21.95.

Clemente: The Passion & Grace of Baseball's Last Hero. By David Maraniss. BV $26

The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth. By Leigh Montville. BV $26.95.

Why My Wife Thinks I'm An Idiot, By Mike Greenberg BV $22.95.

The Perfect Team: The Best Players, Coach and GM -- Let the Debate Begin. Foreword by Chuck Daly. BV $23.95.

Say It's So: The Chicago White Sox's Magical Season. By Phil Rogers. BV $24.95.

Man O' War: A Legend Like Lightning. By Dorothy Ours. BV $24.95.

Striking It Rich: The Untold Story of America's Forgotten Hockey Team. By Tom and Jerry Caraccioli. BV $24.95.

Getting Open: The Unknown Story of Bill Garrett and the Integration of College Basketball. By Tom Graham. BV $24.

Byron Nelson: The Most Remarkable Year in the History of Golf. By John Companiotte. BV $24.95

Don Nehlen's Tales from the West Virginia Sideline. BV $19.95.

Amazing Pace: The Story of Olympic Champion Michael Phelps. By Paul McMullen. BV $24.95

Sid Brooks' Tales from the San Diego Chargers Locker Room. BV $19.95

Standing Eight: The Inspiring Story of Jesus "El Matador" Chavez. By Adam Pitluk. BV $24.95

Golden Girl. By Michael Silver with Natalie Coughlin. BV $24.95

The Mad Dog Hall of Fame: The Ultimate Top-Ten Rankings of the Best in Sports. By Christopher Russo. BV $23.95.

Barney Hall's Tales From Trackside. $19.95.

Thunder and Glory: The 25 Most Memorable Races In NASCAR Winston Cup History. Includes DVD. BV $19.95.

Best Seat in the House, By Christine Brennan. BV $26.

The Earnhardt Collection: The Most Comprehensive Archive Ever Assembled. $12.95.

Tom Browning's Tales From the Reds Dugout, BV $19.95.

Rick Monday's Tales From the Dodger Dugout. BV $19.95

To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever (Duke-N.C. Rivalry). By Will Blythe. BV $24.95.

Game of My Life, Boston Red Sox, by Chaz Scoggins. BV $24.95.

Baltimore Orioles, Where Have You Gone? By Jeff Seidel. BV $19.95.

Bob Chandler's Tales From the San Diego Padres. BV $19.95.

It's Only Me: The Ted Williams We Hardly Knew. By John Underwood. BV $27.95.

Black and Blue: The Golden Arm, The Robinson Boys, and the 1966 World Series that Stunned America, by Tom Adelman. BV $24.95.

Janet Guthrie: A Life At Full Throttle. BV $24.95.

The Wit and Wisdom of Ozzie Guillen, by Brett Ballentini (paperback), BV $7.95

Houston Astros, Armed and Dangerous, By Jose de Jesus Ortiz Jr. (paperback), BV $16.95.

Baseball Forever, by Ralph Kiner. (paperback), BV $16.95.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx is Burning. By Jonathan Mailer (paperback), BV $15.00

Duel in the Sun: Alberto Salazar, Dick Beardsley and America's Greatest Marathon, by John Brant. BV $22.95.

The Draft: A Year Inside the NFL's Search For Talent. By Pete Williams. BV $24.95.

Wrigleyworld: A Season In Baseball's Best Neighborhood. By Kevin Kaduk. BV $23.95.

How March Became Madness. By Eddie Einhorn with Ron Rapoport. Includes DVD. BV $27.95.

Shanks For Nothing, by Rick Reilly. BV $24.95

Sound and Fury, by Dave Kindred. BV $27.00

Tales From the Marquette Hardwood, by Tom Pipines and Mike Neufeldt. BV $19.95.

Making Airwaves: 60 Years At Milo's Microphone. By Milo Hamilton and Dan Schlossberg. BV $24.95.

Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man, by Charles Barkley (paperback), BV $14.00.

Wildcat Madness: Great Eras in Kentucky Basketball, by Wilton Sharpe (paperback), Bv $12.95

Landry's Boys, by Peter Golenbock, BV $24.95

Dooley: My 40 Years at Georgia, BV $24.95

Steel Dynasty, The Team That Changed the NFL. By Bill Chastain. BV $24.95

The Heisman: Great American Stories of the Men Who Won (paperback). BV $16.95

Game of My Life: Memorable Stories of Razorback Football. BV $24.95

Gene Keady: The Truth and Nothing But The Truth. BV $19.95

Smash Mouth. By Elvin Bethea. BV $24.95.

Landon Turner's Tales from the 1980-81 Indiana Hoosiers. BV $19.95.

Operation Yao Ming. By Brook Larmer. Bv $26.00

Echoes of Notre Dame Football, by John Heisler. BV $19.95.

Notre Dame Where Have You Gone? By Eric Hansen. BV $19.95.

Tales From the 1980 Georgia Bulldogs. By Vince Dooley and Blake Giles. BV $19.95.

Michigan: Where Have You Gone? By Jim Cnockaert. BV $24.95

Tales From the 1969-1970 New York Knicks. By Bill Gutman. BV $19.95.

All Things Being Equal: The Autobiography of Lenny Moore. BV $24.95

Illustrated History of the New York Giants. By Richard Whittingham. BV $29.95.

The '85 Bears: Still Chicago's Team (paperback; includes CD of Super Bowl Shuffle). BV $14.95.

Legends of the Tennessee Vols. By Marvin West. BV $24.95.

Ed Pinckney's Tales From the Villanova Hardwood. BV $19.95.

Len Berman: Spanning The Globe. BV $25.95.

Boston Celtics: Where Have You Gone? By Mike Carey & Michael D. McClellan. BV $19.95

Clyde The Glide. By Clyde Drexler (Includes DVD). BV $24.95

Madmen's Ball: The Inside Story of the Lakers' Dysfunctional Dynasties. By Mark Heisler. BV $24.95

DW: A Lifetime Going Around In Circles. By Darrell Waltrip. BV $23.95

Tales From Pinehurst. By Robert Hartman. BV $19.95

Pat Tillman: I've Got Things To Do With My Life. By Mike Towle. BV $19.95.

Tales From The Titans Sideline, by Jim Wyatt. BV $19.95

Tales From The Carolina Panthers Sideline. By Scott Fowler. BV $19.95.

Michael Phelps: Beneath the Surface. By Michael Phelps. BV $24.95.

Big Play: Barra On Football. By Allen Barra. BV $26.95.

Tales From the Saints Sidelines. By Jeff Duncan. BV $19.95.

Tales From the Gonzaga Hardwood. By Dave Boling. BV $19.95.

Phillies Where Have You Gone? By Fran Zimniuch. BV $24.95.

Getting Up & Down: My 60 Years in Golf. By Ken Venturi. BV $27.95.

Jack Arute's Tales From the Indy 500. By Jack Arute. BV $19.95.

In Search of Burningbrush. By Michael Konik. BV $19.95

Native Dancer: The Grey Ghost. By John Eisenberg. BV $25.95.

Grigs! A Beauuutiful Life. By Bill Grigsby. BV $19.95

Have at em.