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    New collector with some questions

    I'm basically brand new to baseball card collecting. A friend at work got me into it, I bought some Topps Triple Threads cards for my dad that Christmas, and have been basically hooked.
    I started focusing on Topps S1 S2 and Update in 2015, only really buying packs of Series 2 that year. My first question I'd like to ask is some opinions on my goals for collecting. Basically, are they reasonable, focused enough, too specific, way too broad, do they have a good chance at retaining value, and do you think it would be a fun and worthy enough chase:

    • I'm not into base set collecting. I like the parallels. So I'd like to collect parallel sets of the rookie cards in each year's release, the world series champions of that year + the team they beat (i.e. Cubs/Indians from Topps 2016 S1/S2/Update), and the entire Pirates set (go Bucs!). I'd start with getting the highest printed parallel that is serial numbered (usually Gold if I'm not mistake), and work my way up.
    • I like some of the inserts. I especially like the 30th anniversary of the 1987 Topps cards in this year's release. Does collecting this and other kinds of inserts have a good chance at retaining value? Does it make my target way too wide?
    • I also love Topps Triple Threads, and would probably buy a box each year and chase any and all Pirates memorabilia

    I do not mind critique at all, so long as it is informative. If it seems like I'm fascinated by garbage, its because it is all brand new to me and at this point its hard to narrow my focus.

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    Welcome to SCF and it is pretty much what you want to collect! Some are into base sets, some into rookie cards, some into inserts, some into #d cards, some into team collecting.
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    Usually the parallels and inserts for Topps are popular and expensive when they come out but over time they slowly lose value but become much harder to find to finish a set off. The reason is because people always want the new sets and don't really care for the previous years as much.
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    bassmnky413- Welcome to SCF! I think what Peter (pwaldo) said is spot on. There are lot of collectors who jump on the flavor of the month. While I love ripping packs, it's usually more economical to buy or trade for the cards you want.
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    Welcome to SCF !
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    Welcome to SCF! I don't know much about baseball cards but like mentioned above collecting is whatever you want it to be. I collect football and started off completing some base sets but now I'm just focusing on Giants cards. I do like the crusade inserts from one of the sets so I have tried to complete some of those sets but basically whatever you have fun collecting is where you should focus. Enjoy!
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    Hello and welcome
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    Welcome to SCF Jason, have fun here and I hope you are enjoying yourself!

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