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    I actually have not been to any games this homestand so far, until today for the meet and greet. I find it funny that you mention Sandy, whom I know very well! I was nearly caught up on everything, and decided to focus on some more projects I had on the back burner. Then, Henderson Alvarez signed, and I scrambled to get stuff ready for him. I hope to see you at the ASG next season, but I am unsure of if I will attend or not at the moment.

    I was surprised today, as when I normally arrive for a Meet and Greet game, I am within the first 10 in line to get on the field, however, for some reason, the Ducks staff allowed seemingly the entire company who sponsored the giveaway in before the season ticket holders for the first time that I have ever seen, leading me to be about 75th in line!

    Henderson Alvarez- The following numbers are with significant help- 2/2 ROMLB, 3/3 8x10, 1/1 yearbook, 1/1 team photo, 11/11 cards
    Jake Dunning- 1/1 yearbook, 1/1 team photo
    Quintin Berry- 1/1 helmet project, 3/3 8x10
    Jordan Pacheco- 1/1 helmet project, 1/1 8x10
    John Lannan- 1/1 helmet project
    David Aardsma- 2/2 helmet projects, 3/3 cards
    Alfredo Simon- 2/2 cards

    Adam Donachie- 1/1 card

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    That is pretty ironic about Sandy. When she was at the All Star game I asked her if she had received any packets of the All Star cards and she said she did not. Luckily I was given an extra set by a friend and gave it to her so she had something other than the program.
    I know I have a Alvarez card and I know I will be getting some in the mail from a friend so I hope he signs when they come into town next month.
    For my self I am getting pretty caught up myself on cards so I should be slowing down the second half.
    Talk to you later

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    Tried to finish a project (at least get the final 2 that I am able to get) tonight with New Britain, and had some success!

    Craig Maddox- 3/3 8x10
    Jon Griffin- 2/2 8x10
    Brandon League- 1/1 8x10
    Kyle Simon- 4/4 cards, 1/1 2015 ALPBB ASG team photo
    Shawn Gillblair- 1/1 inagural yearbook, 1/1 2015 ALPBB ASG team photo
    Jonathan Pettibone- 0/6- Starting pitcher, so I did not ask.
    Nick Greenwood- 0/1- Could not locate him

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