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    Looking to trade for or buy 1989 UD Griffey Jr.

    I'm looking to trade for or buy a few 89UD Griffey rookies. Please look at my site or leave me a price.


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    I have about 10 of them. Will sell one for $23 DLVD OR you can have a 1989 UD Set for $45 DLVD (not factory sealed but will give you a NRmnt-MT Griffey)

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    les: Could you do 2 of them for $40?


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    Great would you set it up and I'll send payment out on Tues.

    Thanks for another great buy. You can check my bucket, I'd be interesed in a few more.


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    I like the Yaz Artifacts jrsy bv $80.....I will give you 4 Grffeys for the Yaz and $40?

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    les: I can give up the Yaz for 4 griffeys and $35. The Yaz been selling pretty well lately.



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    That's fine......I'm not going to go back and forth over $5 on a deal like this....sounds good

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    Thanks rules. I'm trying to get a 10 card lot of them. That will bring it to 8. Could you post it and I'll send it out on Tues.


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