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    Are you still looking for some of these? Thanks.
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    Yes I am still looking but it has been costing more than I originally thought so I might need some time to get more $ in my PP... None of this stuff is rare so I am looking for deals here, not ebay prices. Lists are updated. Again, please PM me what you have and what you need in CND funds delivered to Ontario, Canada.

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    I have a few of these.

    Sending PM
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    Any interest in those I PM'd about?


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    I have these:

    - #318 - Petr Sykora $1
    - #413 - Tommy Salo $0.75
    - #517 - Chris Phillips $0.50
    - #568 - Tom Poti $0.50
    - #569 - Chris Drury $5

    - #182 - Randy Robitaille $0.50
    - #189 - Patrik Elias $2.50
    - #400 - Jake McCracken $1

    - #122 - Sheldon Souray $1
    - #131 - P.J. Stock $1
    - #223 - Antti Laaksonen $1

    1996-97 Upper Deck Ice #25 - JS Giguere
    1997-98 Black Diamond #131 - Roberto Luongo

    I'd be looking to trade for these from your inventory. Want to add a couple from my traders?

    2000-01 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Game Jerseys #JGF Grant Fuhr SP
    1997-98 SP Authentic Sign Of The Times #GF Grant Fuhr
    Wanted: Blues #'d, AU, GU. Especially Federko, CuJo, Hull, MacInnis, Demitra, Tarasenko
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    Quote Originally Posted by fleurycollector View Post
    Just one of each! And I don't know why but I thought I would be able to get most of these really cheap. Like besides the Kariya, Thornton and Hossa I guess. But BV are adding up fast and I am already looking at spending more than I wanted to, lol. Working on a deal for about 70 of them (no Thorton or Hossa) atm.
    What are these cheapskates charging you? I can't imaging what the sv would be on a card that books for 50 cents, these guys should be paying you for taking this stuff (which has been sitting untouched for 20 years) off there hands.
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    Do you have an upto date list?
    send me your email I can send pics.

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