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    ive never tried this here but scans of my banks collection

    i have been collecting banks for a few months and i only collect gu autos and vintage. im happy with what ive been able to get so far. what do you think here is the link if it doesnt work i can get otehr scans of it

    EDIT-if the link doesnt work use these freewebs links to see it

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    did you scroll down or did it say you needed a password. if it did then i will get other scans in a sec

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    i posted the links to other scans from freewebs underneath it.

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    nice bro, thats a very nice collection. the autos looks sick and some of those cards just really stand out. the diversity of ur collection is also a plus because u throw in the collection of vintage. continue doing a great job, i look forward to seeing more scans.

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    Nice stuff...Thanks for sharing.

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    thanks guys i usually post scans on beckett every so often but if you enjoy it i will continue to post scans here. the next big thing i have coming in is a auto battign helmet with the inscription mr cub on it. thanks cy i really love the old vintage ecspecially when i can get ones like the 66 topps in awesome shape.

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