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    wut do u do if u see a pack searcher

    wut yall do? do u scold him,tell manager,do nothing,join him,what?

  2. Kronozio
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    never seen one but if i did chuck would know what to do

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    y do u guys think pack searching is wrong a lot of ppl do it.

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    y do u guys think pack searching is wrong a lot of ppl do it.

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    Whats the justification that if Everyone does, you should too?

    If everyone jumps off a cliff, will you as well?

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    its wrong becuase it doesnt give everyone a fair chance to get the hits in the box and it can damage cards.

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    Im not going to lie every now and then Ill see if i can feel any thing but I never can even when I have gottena GU i have never felt anything diffirent. Usually If im buying 3 packs ill just get one from the top one about 2 or 3 under it and one under it.

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    i am anti - pack searcher! why would you search whats the fun.. o wow hey what a surprise a gu! The other day I was going through an old press pass 04 box and was looking through the packs to see who was on the packs because each pack featuered a different player and this new guy was like hey man ima have to pick one for you and i said im not pack searching lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by spoodini
    Roundhouse kick him to the face.

    LOL! btw spoodini i love your story about the guy from roseanne in your site..john w/e lol

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