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Thread: Today in Nascar History May

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    Today in Nascar History May 30th: (VERY busy day in Nascar history)

    Winners on this date: Marshall Teague (2 times), Paul Pappy, Bill Rexford, Herb Thomas (2 times), Fonty Flock, Buck Baker (3 times), John Soares, Lloyd Dane, Fireball Roberts, Parnelli Jones, LeeRoy Yarbrough, Ned Jarrett, Bobby Allison, David Pearson, Neil Bonnett, Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Burton, and Jimmie Johnson.

    May 30th, 1953: A 300 mile event is held on Memorial Day at the 1 mile Raleigh, NC Speedway. Fonty Flock comes from 43rd on the starting grid to win the race. Tim Flock is running in 2nd place late in the event but......he falls to third after being forced to pit because of....Jocko Flocko-his pet monkey co-pilot.

    As told by Tim Flock: "In the 300-mile race at Raleigh, we had a little problem with Jocko. Late in the race, while I was running 2nd, he broke loose from his seat and jumped down on the floorboard. He yanked the cable and opened the trap door-right as I ran over a rock on the track. The rock zinged Jocko right between the eyes. He went crazy. He jumped on my neck and started scratching me to the point I almost wrecked a couple of times. Finally, I had to make a pit stop so we could put Jocko out of the car." "Im the only driver in Nascar history to lose a race because we had to pit to get rid of a monkey."

    May 30th, 1958: Fireball Roberts drives his Chevy to a win in the 500 mile event in Trenton, NJ. The 500 mile race is the first 500 mile race for stock cars North of Darlington on the map.

    May 30th, 1971: Brothers Bobby and Donnie Allison finish 1st and 2nd in the World 600.

    May 30th, 1976: David Pearson avoids a wreck with 3 laps left and takes the World 600. Female driver Janet Guthrie makes her Cup Series debut and finishes a respectable 15th.

    May 30th, 1982: Neil Bonnett passes Bill Elliott with 13 laps to go and scores the win in the World 600.

    May 30th, 1993: Dale Earnhardt overcomes 3 penalties in the World 600 and prevails to win the event. One is for rough driving after Earnhardt finds himself way behind the leaders, so he spins Greg Sacks intentionally to catch back up.

    May 30th, 1999: Jeff Burton passes Bobby Labonte with 17 laps to go to win the Coca Cola 600. Rookie Tony Stewart competes in the Indy 500 earlier in the day and runs the 600 at night and makes history-scoring top 10 finishes in both huge races on the same day. (9th in Indy, 4th at Charlotte)

    May 30th, 2004: Jimmie Johnson prevails at his sponsors track to win the Coca Cola 600.

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    Today in Nascar History May 31st:

    Winners on this date: Ned Jarrett, Richard Petty, Bobby Isaac, Davey Allison, Harry Gant, Dale Jarrett, and Jimmie Johnson.

    May 31st, 2009: Jimmie Johnson takes 4 tires late and rallies with a dominant car to pass Tony Stewart with 2 laps to go and tame the Monster Mile.

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