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    reggie bush special editon g.u/matt leinart se g.u

    hi im selling or trading a reggie bush game used jersey its sage and its a special editon only handed out to vip at the national convention theese arent in the sage set i also have it of matt leinart i might have pics up tommorow plmk if youre intrested thxs SCOTT

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    bump cmon someone has got to be iinstrested in theese

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    I am interested but I believe that their bv is too high for me. I can't buy but check my tradelist just in case.

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    hey can you post your list i can barely read that or i dunno single out the ones that would be worth value or ill just bare through it

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    hey sry nothing of intrest except maybe the johnson where did you get all that g.u baseball stuff i try my self but can only get football gloves

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