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    Any player or team collectors out there ???

    I am trying to trade down some of my base, inserts and rookies. I have mostly 1999-2005. I am not doing any 06 rookies at this time. I would prefer to trade large lots for gu'ed (obviously in your favor) or for a few specific higher end rookies. If you're interested please LMK and we can figure it out from there. Thanks !

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    dont know if i ever asked you, but do you have a bunch of skins doubles?? thought maybe some time we could try and swap out some of our doubles?? send me a PM sometime, im about to head out!!

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    I do, I have a lot. I will get a list together over the next few days.

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    I'm a Texans collector, as long as they're -current- Texans.

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    I will get that list together for you today

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