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    FT/FS: 1998 Topps & 1988 Donruss full sets


    I have two full baseball card sets to get rid of:

    1998 Topps (504 cards)


    1988 Score (660 cards)

    Will either sell (ONO) or trade.

    After any of the following players in trade:

    Michael Collins (Angels)
    Chris Snelling (Mariners)
    PJ Bevis (Mets, Rockies, Diamondbacks)
    Brett Roneberg (Marlins)
    Adrian Burnside (Pirates)
    Chris Oxspring (Padres)
    Damian Moss (Giants, Braves, Devil Rays)
    Dave Nilsson (Brewers)
    Graeme Lloyd (Brewers, Expos, Yankees, Blue Jays)
    Grant Balfour (Twins)
    Justin Huber (Royals, Mets)
    Travis Blackley (Mariners)
    Scott Mitchinson (Phillies)

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    Bump before I hit the Bay next weekend. These are complete sets. The 98 books for $80, the 88 books for only about $10 (glanvile rc).

    Would love to trade for any of the guys I listed or looking for $50 delivered (postage is going to be a motsa for me).

    Thanks all.


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