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    Team Lots of 20 Cards - $1 Dlvd

    I am looking to sell lots of 20 commons for $1 dlvd. Each lot has 20 different cards of the same team. I have most teams available, the only ones I know I don't have is the Cubs and Giants.

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    I actually have 3 lots of Red Sox, between the 3 there would be some doubles though. Here is some players in one that I opened: Schilling, Pedro, Eckersley, Boggs, Nomar, Lowe, Williamson, Mirabelli, and Ortiz.

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    dmxkorn- There are a few Clemens in the Astros and Yankees lots. Probably 2-3 per lot.

    boondocksaints150- There are no inserts or parralels. There are some rc's, but none of any star rookie.

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