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Thread: Selling some TNA and WWE autos

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    Selling some TNA and WWE autos

    Hi everyone !
    I need some money, so i start selling some of my stuff.
    I begin with my duplicates, but think i'll start to sell some of my PC really soon. Let me know if you search some stuff in particular

    TNA Knockouts
    ODB x2
    Sharmell x2
    Socal Val x2
    Taylor Wilde
    Christy Hemme
    Taylor Wilde Auto Relic /175
    Taylor Wilde Auto Relic Blue /75

    TNA New Era 2010
    Christy Hemme

    TNA Xtreme
    Dual auto relic Angelina Love/Velvet Sky /50
    Dual Auto Robbie E/Cookie /99
    Auto Gold Jay Lethal /99
    Auto Gold Jeremy Borash /99
    Auto Gold Mr Anderson /99
    Auto Gold Lacey Von Erich /99
    Auto Gold Madison Rayne /99
    Auto Green Mr Anderson /25
    Auto Green Tracy Smothers /25

    TNA Signature
    Auto Mike Tenay /99 x2
    Auto Abyss /99
    Auto Gold AJ Styles /25
    Auto Gold Rob Van Dam /25
    Dual Auto Crimson/Abyss /99 x2
    5 Auto Red Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy/Rob Van Dam/Kurt Angle/Mick Foley /5

    TNA Live
    Dual Auto Sarita/Rosita /99
    Dual Auto Christy Hemme/Jeremy Borash /99
    Dual Auto Chris Sabin/Christopher Daniels /99
    Auto Green Devon /50


    WWE Heritage II
    Kane SOLD
    Michelle McCool

    WWE topps 2009
    Gail Kim
    Michelle McCool
    Evan Bourne
    Randy Orton/Cowboy bob orton dual autograph
    Edge Judgment Day Mat Relic Auto
    Rey Mysterio Judgment Day Mat Relic Auto

    WWE topps 2010
    Tyson Kidd
    Dual Auto Evan Bourne/Drew McIntyre
    Dual Auto gold Edge/Big Show /25

    WWE Ultimate Rivals

    WWE 2010 Platinum
    Ted Dibiase /271
    Dolph Ziggler /271
    Alicia Fox /271
    Christian Auto Relic /275
    CM Punk Auto Relic /275
    Edge Auto Relic Blue /99
    The Miz Auto Relic Blue /99
    MVP Auto Relic Gold /25

    WWE topps 2012
    Beth Phoenix
    Dual Autograph Maxine / Kaitlyn

    WWE topps 2011
    Davis Otunga / Michael McGillicuty

    Donruss Americana
    Brutus The Barber Beefcake /998
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    Quote Originally Posted by doringone View Post
    Randy and Bob dual auto price please
    50$ tracked and shipped worldwide

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    Do you still have any for sell

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