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    Looking for 2013 & 2015 Marvel Fleer Retro Autos

    Looking for the following autos from 2013 & 2015 Marvel Fleer Retro, I have included a partial trade list that I will add too as I go through the cards. I am also willing to trade for Hockey cards.

    2013 Base Autos
    21 Mike Deodato Jr. - Iron Fist
    30 Giuseppe Camuncoli - Professor X
    53 Barry Kitson - Galactus

    1990 Impel Retro Autos-2013

    2 Steve Epting - Captain America
    3 Ed McGuinness - Captain Marvel
    6 Mike Deodato Jr. - Daredevil
    11 Pablo Raimondi - Iceman
    19 Clayton Henry - Nova

    1991 Impel Retro Autos-2013

    6 Jason Pearson - Deadpool
    15 Brad Walker - Spider-Man
    19 Paco Medina - Magneto

    1992 Impel Retro Autos-2013

    2 Giuseppe Camuncoli - Cyclops
    6 Ryan Stegman - Human Torch
    8 Stephanie Hans - Loki
    10 Brad Walker - Spider-Man

    Base Autos 2015

    3 Julian Totino Tedesco-Apocalypse
    4 Simone Bianchi-Black Panther
    16 Terry Dodson-Dr. Strange
    17 June Brigman-Elektra
    50 Mark Bagley-Star-Lord
    56 Adi Granov-Wasp

    1990 Impel Retro Autos-2015

    1 Dave Wilkins-Black Panther
    5 Dexter Soy-Captain Marvel
    6 Mike Perkins-Magneto
    11 Gary Choo-Iron Man
    13 Patrick Scherberger-Spider-Man
    14 Aleksi Briclot-Star-Lord
    16 Esad Ribic-Thor
    18 Francis Tsai-Venom

    1992 Impel X-Men Retro Autos-2015

    1 Ed McGuinness-Colossus
    2 Adam Kubert-Cyclops
    4 Oliver Coipel-Cyclops
    7 Jim Cheung-Iron Man
    9 Jim Cheung-Hope
    10 Olivier Coipel-Magik
    13 Olivier Coipel-Scarlet Witch
    14 Olivier Coipel-Storm
    15 Stuart Immonen-Wolverine

    1993 Skybox Universe Retro Autos-2015

    1 Michael Zeck-Captain America
    2 Michael Zeck-Hulk
    5 Michael Zeck-Spider-Man
    6 Michael Zeck-Lizard
    7 Michael Zeck-Thor
    9 Michael Zeck-Ultron
    16 Steve McNiven-Namor
    18 Phil Hester-Ant-Man
    24 Olivier Coipel-Loki
    27 Stuart Immonen-Hood

    Auto Doubles:

    2013 Base Autos
    1 Brandon Peterson - Black Bolt
    5 Steve Epting - Captian America
    6 Terry Dodson - Captain Marvel X2
    8 Jim Cheung - Cyclops
    9 Chris Samnee - Daredevil
    14 Matthew Clark - Ghost Rider X3
    24 Alex Maleev - Moon Knight
    25 Steve Epting - Mr. Fantastic
    28 Dustin Weaver – Northstar X3
    31 Jorge Molina – Psylocke X3
    34 Carlo Pagulayan - Red She-Hulk X2
    36 Adi Granov – Rogue X2
    42 Mark Bagley - Star-Lord
    46 Jim Cheung - Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles)
    48 Olivier Coipel - Wasp
    49 Clay Mann - Wolverine
    54 Chris Bachalo - Lizard
    55 Mike Mayhew - Loki
    60 Mark Bagley – Thanos

    1990 Impel Retro Autos

    5Adi Granov - Cyclops
    7 Carlo Barberi - Deadpool
    16 Mike Deodato Jr. - Luke Cage

    1991Impel Retro Autos

    3Adi Granov - Colossus
    11 Scott Eaton - Iron Man

    16Brandon Peterson-Storm (Mark in top left corner-ink)

    1992Impel Retro Autos

    9Stefano Caselli - Mr. Fantastic

    BaseAutos 2015

    1Terry Dodson-Ant-Man
    9 Paolo Rivera-Doctor Octopus
    15 Giuseppe Camuncoli-Green Goblin
    25 Gary Frank-Hulk X2
    27 Julian Totino Tedesco-Leader X2
    29 Marco Checchetto-Iron Man
    31 Stuart Immonen-Jean Grey
    33 Jackson Guice-MODOK X2

    34Ken Lashley-Namor
    35 Terry Dodson-Nick Fury
    36 Giuseppe Camuncoli-Magneto
    39 Stuart Immonen-Mr. Sinister X2
    41 Jim Cheung-Quicksilver X2
    44 Jim Cheung-Scarlet Witch X2
    45 Chris Bachalo-Mystique
    47 Ramon Perez-Spider-Man X2
    48 Jackson Guice-Red Skull X2
    49 Jorge Molina-Spider-Woman
    51 Renato Guedes-Sabretooth
    54 Aleksi Briclot-Thanos X2
    55 Brandon Peterson-Vision X2
    58 Steve Epting-Winter Soldier
    59 Mahmud Asrar-Wolverine X2
    60 Marco Checchetto-Agent Venom

    1990Impel Marvel Universe Retro Autos

    15George Perez-Ultron X2

    1992Impel X-Men Retro Autos-2015

    8Oliver Coipel-Magneto X2

    1993Skybox Universe Retro Autos-2015

    10Mike Perkins-Captain America
    19 Olivier Coipel-Ares

    Marvel Fleer Retro Titanium Acetate Ti-22
    Iron Man
    Magneto X2

    Marvel Precious Metal Gems Red
    Mr. Fantastic X2
    Doctor Strange X2
    Emma Frost
    Doctor Doom
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    Marvel Precious Metal Gems Blue
    Iron Man
    Rogue X2

    Marvel Jambalaya

    Marvel Fleer Retro Sketch Cards
    Base Parallels
    1 Black Bolt
    4 Cable
    13 Emma Frost
    26 Namor
    27 Nightcrawler
    46 Ultimate Spider-Man
    50 X-23
    59 Norman Osborn

    Marvel Fleer Retro Sketch Cards
    Doctor Octopus
    Emma Frost

    Marvel NOW!
    Sketch Card

    Marvel Premier 2012

    Shadow Box
    Sub-Mariner vs. Hulk S-36][/URL]

    Classic Corners
    CC-14 Defenders Vol 1. #1
    CC-39 Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 1. #1

    Emotion Sketch Booklet
    Wolverine 44/50

    2 Panel Sketch Cards
    Doctor Doom
    Captain Marvel

    4 Panel Sketch Card

    Marvel Avengers Sketch Card
    Doctor Strange

    I’ll add some more as we go…
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    Addedto the Doubles for autos, and deleted some of the needed autos.I also have the following to add.

    2013Precious Metal Gems Red /100:

    IronFist, Nova, Daredevil

    2013Precious Metal Blue /50:


    2015Precious Metal Red /100:
    AntMan, Captain America, Dark Phoenix

    Juggernaut,Loki, Luke Cage

    Namor,Nova, Thor

    PunisherX2, Ultron

    2015Precious Metal Blue /50:
    BlackPanther, Black Widow, Captain Marvel

    Daredevil,Doctor Octopus, Doctor Strange

    Gambit,Ghost Rider, Iron Man

    RedSkull, Ultron

    2015Power Blast:

    Hulk,Red Hulk

    Rocket,Winter Soldier

    2015Marvel Jambalaya:
    Magneto,Iron Man

    2015Printing Plates:
    WolverineBase Plate Cyan, Iron Patriot 1993 Skybox Marvel Universe Cyan

    2013Sketch Cards:
    BaseParallel Moon Knight, Base Parallel Thing

    SketchPsylocke, Base Parallel X-23

    2015Base Parallel Sketch Cards:

    BlackPanther, Doctor Octopus

    CaptainMarvel, Cyclops


    JeanGrey, Namor

    RocketRaccoon, Sabretooth

    2015Sketch cards:
    BlackWidow, Gamora

    ScarletWitch, Colossus

    2012Avengers Assemble
    AS-5Memorabilia Captain America

    2012Avengers Assemble Spider-Woman, 2011 Marvel Universe Professor X

    2013Marvel NOW! Autographs:
    5AAnt-Man Mike Allred, 72A Necromancer Tony Moore

    106Fantastic Four #1 Mark Bagley, 128-TD X-Men #1 Terry Dodson

    2012Marvel Beginnings Sketch Cards
    UltimateSpider-Man, Havok

    DCSketch Cards:
    2012DC Universe Wonder Woman, 2013 DC The Women of Legend Robin Carrie Kelley

    StarTrek Heroes and Villains
    NichelleNichols, Dual Babara Bouchet and Warren Stevens

    CaptainKirk Mirror, Mirror MM1

    Will add some more as I go.

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    Soin addition to the Autos I added to the first post I have some more cards toadd here.

    2013Marvel Fleer Retro Quickstrike
    9Black Panther

    2015Marvel Fleer Retro 1960 Fleer
    10Doctor Octopus

    2015Marvel Fleer Retro 1982 Fleer
    3Red Skull

    2015Marvel Fleer Retro 1997-98 Fleer Ultra Star Power Supreme
    2015Marvel Fleer Retro 1995 Fleer Holoblast
    Spider-Man1of 2 Spider-Man vs Venom
    IronMan vs Luke Cage 1of3 Civil War

    2015Marvel Fleer Retro 1999 Skybox EX Century
    6Red Skull
    8Miss America
    15Doctor Druid

    Willadd more as I get time.I really want toget some more autos to go towards these sets.

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