I am actively trying to downsize my collection before an upcoming move, and since I'm not a big basketball collector, I've decided to try to move some inventory in bulk.
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I am selling a 300+ card lot for $28 DLVD. The lot consists of primarily late 90's - early 00's cards. All basketball. No GU/Autos, but lots of star/semi-star base, parallels, and inserts and a good number of rookies. Names in the lot include: Stephon Marbury, Antwan Jamison, Anfernee Hardaway, Keith Van Horn, Carlos Boozer, Jason Williams, Lamar Odum, David Robinson, Kyle Lowry, Scotty Pippen, Tracy McGrady, Charles Barkley, Jason Collins, Gary Payton, and Gilbert Arenas among many others.

All cards pictured below are included plus over 250 more. I will include as many cards as I can safely squeeze into the box. At less than $0.10 per card, the BV is certainly many times the asking price.

Let me know if you're interested or have any questions.